Wednesday, October 30, 2013

3 Christmas Play Activities for kids

So I saw on Pinterest this really cute, fun activity for little kids. It was a felt tree hung on the wall with felt ornaments the kids could take on and off. It looked easy enough, so I went to walmart and bought some felt, just guesstimating how much I would need for a tree and ornaments. It cost me less than $5 to get the felt. I spent some time cutting out and gluing the pieces of the tree together and then cutting out the ornaments. For the ball ornaments, I just traced a round cup.
For the other ornaments, I traced my Christmas cookie cutters.
The tree is probably 4 feet tall and I used 9 pieces of green felt and one piece of brown. For the ornaments, I used one piece of yellow, red, and blue and made 18 ornaments. And a helpful tip, painters tape in several places on the back of the tree will get it to stick to the wall. :)
When I was done, I had quite a bit if scrap pieces and realized I could make a mini tree to keep the kids quiet/busy at church or in the car, so I made a mini one.

I just free hand cut the tree and free handed 12 little ornaments to mimic the larger ones.
Cute and fun!
I placed it all in a ziploc bag for easy use.
Then, when I was done with that I realized I had enough brown left to make a small stable/nativity scene too.
I cut out the stable with the leftover brown and made a star with the left over yellow. I found some nativity pictures on line and printed them off (if anyone would like the nativity pictures I printed off, let me know and I'll email you the document). I cut out the little figures and let Ben help me color. Then I mod podged the figures onto some of the left over green felt.
Once the mod podge was dry I cut them out.
All done!
I placed the nativity pieces in a ziploc bag too. Now I have a big Christmas felt tree and 2 quiet Christmas activities for the kids and I was able to make it all for less than $5. Pretty sweet, especially since I originally set out to make just one tree.

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