Friday, October 11, 2013

No-Poo 30 Day Update

So, I have not used shampoo or conditioner in 30 days. Sound gross? Well, it probably would be if I hadn't used anything in may hair, but I used this hair stuff instead. I used a mixture of baking soda/water and vinegar/water to wash my hair.

So to give you a little background, before making the switch I was using Pantene. I would wash my hair and try to go a couple days before washing it again. It would start to get greasy near my roots after about 24 hours and I relied heavily on my DIY dry shampoo (corn starch and cocoa powder) to get me through. This past week (about 25 days into my NO-POO challenge) I was able to go 5 days without washing my hair and am using very little of my dry shampoo. So, to keep things simple, here is a list of my Pro's and Con's to using baking soda/water and vinegar/water instead of commercial shampoos.

Cheaper than commercial shampoo (I am not a couponer, so for me this is a much cheaper option)
Chemical free
Can go longer between washings.
More volume/hair feels lighter
Cleans hair just as well as the commercial shampoo (just make sure you don't skimp on the baking soda).

Cold in the shower (pouring the baking soda/water directly on your head is a little chilling since the water in the bottle is cooler than the shower water)
Takes time to make it yourself (not too bad if you just leave some baking soda and vinegar under your bathroom counter to make as needed. And if you have large enough bottles, you could go longer between making it. Mine are 8oz bottles and I get about 4 washings out of them).

I have fine, frizzy hair, so I do need to use a little more leave in conditioner on my ends than I used to, but I think that is a fair trade off. I am cool with using a little more leave in conditioner if it equals more volume on top.
So, in my opinion and based on my experience, I am SOLD on the NO-POO challenge and I plan to keeping doing it. I look forward to seeing if my hair grows out faster and stronger as time goes on!

See! My roots are all clean!

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