Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Go To" Arm Exercise video

So, as many of you may know, I went on a vegan diet a few months ago to help me lose weight. I am down 23 pounds from when I changed my eating habits, something I will probably blog about in more detail another time...
While dieting, I also tried to kick my exercise routine up a notch. I have always been pretty good about exercising regularly. My usual routine is to jog/walk on my treadmill for 20-30 minutes depending on how much time I have. But, that is just cardiovascular. When I started my diet, I also tried to do more strength training exercises. I didn't go crazy or anything. With two kids (3 and 14 months old) I lack the time and energy to go all out.
Shortly after beginning my diet, I found a great arm workout video on YouTube by Tracy Anderson, and it is my "go to" arm workout when I am exhausted, but want to get some arm toning in before I collapse on the couch. My husband calls it my "Eagle Workout" or "bird workout" because you do a lot of arm flapping and it may feel kind of ridiculous at first, but this workout is no joke. I love it!

What I love about this video:
1. It is less than 8 minutes.
2. No equipment.
3. It ia a quiet workout. Great for when I am waiting for the kids to fall asleep.
4. I sweat a little while doing it, but don't get drenched.
5. It tones your whole arms and burns while you do it!

I am not kidding about number 5, I got a couple compliments on my arms after just doing this video for a few weeks. At first, I did it 3 times a week and it was my only arm workout. Now I do it about once a week along with lifting weights to build my biceps and triceps. This is a great mini workout on its own or a great addition to your preexisting arm workout. But, don't take my word for it. Stand up and give it a try right now!


  1. Fun blog Liz! I am going to try this arm workout. I was thinking you looked really skinny, but holy cow! 23 pounds! That's amazing! Share your story! (although, I don't know I could do Vegan diet ;) )

    1. Thanks Nicole! I will definitely share all the details on my dieting experience in a later post! OF course, you look great in all of your photos too!